The Linux versions of Ssuds and Ssudg are currently available as source tarballs with autogenerated (by Anjuta) configure scripts and makefiles, and can be built and installed with './configure; make'. The binaries thus built can be run directly without installation, or they can be installed into appropriate directories by 'make install'. See the included INSTALL file for more information. It is also possible to build the binaries manually, as discussed below.


The Windows versions of Ssuds and Ssudg include precompiled (using Mingw on Debian as a cross compiler) binaries which should run on any version of 32 bit Windows as well as the sources. The scripts and makefiles are not included.

Manual building

Ssuds and Ssudg can be manually built by executing something like this (from within the source subdirectory): 'gcc -Wall -O2 -o [ssuds | ssudg] *'. [The Windows binaries were built with the command 'i586-mingw32msvc-gcc -Wall O2 -o [ssuds.exe | ssudg.exe] -DWINDOWS *'.]